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I’ll try and give you everything you need to hire me on this page, top to bottom.
If we start in the past, my history as a professional photographer starts in 1998.

Looking back over 15 years of professional image making doesn’t keep me from
feeling old writing that, but it does mean over 250 weddings under my belt and 30+
Industry awards.  Instead of time, let’s look at quality.  In 2004 the trade association
Wedding Photojournalist Association ranked me as one of the top 5 wedding shooters in the USA.
The Wedding and Portrait Photographers International has 6 times hung my work in
their international salon, giving my images “Awards of Excellence” and putting them
on display as top notch among the billions made each year.  The Society of Wedding
and Portrait Photographers in Great Briton has given my images Gold awards and published them
in their quarterly trade journal.

After a while, the awards become mundane compared to the continuing excitement
of being present to so many beautiful moments of life. The curiosity to see them unfold and
the honor placed by you my client to document your family history propells me forward.
And I really mean that, if you watch me in some of my video
interviews from around the world, you’ll see my love for adventure.  It doesn’t mean
you need to be getting married on the edge of the grand canyon to interest me, I’m
just showing you that if there’s a door to open, I’m going to peek inside because I’m
I’m always looking, and if I hope that the awards say something about me it’s that I know
what a true photographic moment looks like.  Those moments are
timeless, as I will work to make your images also!

I am a wedding photojournalist.  My contract reflects these service commitments at the base level:

Wedding Service in Peoria Illinois $2000

  • 6 Continuous hours of coverage
  • 500 color corrected images
  • Digital Archive for personal reproduction

Contact me for Booking Details and album pricing

Wedding Album Complete package  $4000

  • 11 Hours Coverage
  • 900 images
  • Digital Archive for personal reproduction
  • 50 Page Custom Designed Wedding Album

Contact me for Booking Details and album pricing

Wedding Albums

Alright, you have to give me the freedom to brag a little!  If you’re shopping through wedding photographers and you really don’t know what you like – look at their albums – and look at them next to each other, from beginning to end.  Can you imagine writing a 60 page book in a single day?  Well, I do it in an average day’s work!!!  I do it with world class flair.  If you haven’t noticed – my site is broken down into categories: Wedding Albums has many samples of my album designs.  Look at the warmth and intimate perspective from t

Check your wedding date to see if I am available:


he beginning of the day to the crazy dancing at the end of the day.  Look how the details and the panoramas are blended together into a seamless storytelling page.  Smile at the natural transition from page to page and then call me up to discuss how the albums fit your budget.

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