Neil Cowley New York Wedding photographer with an artistic photojournalism style. Neil Cowley's wedding photojournalism has been ranked as one of the top 5 best photographers in the USA by the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

Our photo studio serves North Carolina Cities of Charlotte, Raliegh, Asheville, Durahm, Chapel Hill, and oceanside. New York Cities: Manhattan, Bronx, Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Saratoga Springs, Albany, Finger Lakes, Adirondacks, Kenmore, Canandaigua, Pittsford, Webster, Geneva, Skaneateles and all the countryside in-between. We have traveled to California, Palm Springs, Arizona, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia. As well as internationally to Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Mexico, Thailand, China and the Bahamas.

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Philosophy of Technique

Our approach to wedding photography is simple and straightforward, always creative and fun. Liesl and Neil's goal in photographing a wedding is to create from an intensely personal perspective that becomes your lasting record of the day you join with your partner. Generally described as wedding photojournalism, our ability to tell a story, put you at your ease and execute creative photographs in technically challenging environments sets us apart with our definitive artistic style.

The love between you and your husband to be, generates the creative energy you put into dreaming and planning your wedding together. We hope to be your trusted partners in making a spectacular record of the emotions, actions and details that blend together into the mystery of your love and union. Continue reading about our approach to creating photos... or google your wedding location below to see if Neil or Liesl have been there before:

Client responses...

marilyn monroe bride

I've been putting off sending this email because I wanted to find the right words - don't know if I have them yet but here it goes.
You have captured so much.  Thank you.  You are a talented young man and your presence is very humble.
Thank you for capturing the moments that Ahmed and I shared and the moments we both shared with our family and friends. 
When I look at some of the pictures I wonder...where was Neil?...I don't remember seeing him there.  Your stealth action is perfect.  The images  are very artfully done and stunning!  I could not be happier. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you - All the best in your career and family,

"Oh my gosh, the rest of the pictures are absolutely AMAZING!!!! (Do I even have to mention that I'm crying again, or is that a given by now??) :-) They were more than worth the wait, I think Pete and I and the rest of our family and friends have been on that site every day anxiously awaiting!! The pictures, especially at the end are absolutely stunning, I can't get over the amazing lighting in each and every picture....Not to mention the emotion that shows through in every one, it's like you captured everything we were feeling that day, from the anticipation and pre-wedding jitters, to the light hearted excitement and humor at the reception, to the pure and genuine love Pete and I  have for each other!!!!! You two are amazing, Pete and I were saying that we want you guys to just follow us around and make our lives look that good all the time!! Everyone had only the nicest things to say about both of you (and more than a few of the ladies had their eyes on Neil, I was told, hahahaha....)...We are so glad that you were able to take the time to share our day with us, and now we have the most beautiful pictures to remind of us every moment! There just aren't words to how appreciative we are...You guys are truly gifted!!!" - Kelly

woodcliff lodge Fairport NY wedding photographer
Kelly & Pete - WPJA Summer 2005 1st Place - Creative Portrait
I also just wanted to take a moment to express my thanks to you and Neil for all of your hard work.  I know it was a long day, but you both hung in there and managed to do a great job of capturing the moments in the midst of all the chaos and craziness.   Having only met Neil briefly before the wedding and spoken with you only a few times on the phone and via email, I must say I was a bit nervous how things would turn out.  But from the moment you got there, you and Neil made me, Brett and everyone around us feel comfortable.  You both are great professionals, but equally as important in my book, you are great people (something which my friends with whom you sat with even commented on).  So thank you for helping to make my day such a wonderful one and for helping to ensure, with these amazing pictures, that Brett and I will forever all the little moments in it.  I will unhesitatingly recommend you both to anyone who asks! - Jackie
Joe and I love the pictures.  When we were first planning the wedding we were told so many different things about photographers, some people even said spend your money on something else.  When I look at the pictures I want to cry, just like I did all that day!!!  We are so happy with all of them.  You two captured Joe & I the way we always are together, thank you so much!   I would tell anyone that this was by far the best investment we  have ever made. - Pam & Joe

Buffalo NY Wedding Kiss
We just got to see the sampling of photos on your website this weekend and they are A W E S O M E !!!  We love them! You totally captured the spirit (and bright colors – yippee!) of the day! I have been looking at them at least once a day since we got back from our honeymoon. As you probably know, the wedding was an emotional whirlwind, and I think I was in a bit of a daze, struggling to take it all in and process it all. These photos are a wonderful way for me to experience the wedding again and again, and process all that happened.

Also, I have been taking photos of my (now) husband, Dave for over two years and it’s always been a struggle to capture him without him making a face or doing something strange with his eyebrows (it’s an involuntary reaction of his to the camera) and you managed to capture how adorable he is, in every photo!AND that photo of my dad  walking me down the aisle is incredible! He looks so handsome and sweet and proud! I am going to get that framed for me and my mom. I know my mother will love it!

So many of the guest commented on how polite, agile and creative and organized you both were. You were everywhere but you weren’t intrusive or distracting. I felt completely at ease having you there.

I viewed the rest of our wedding shots and I am simply THRILLED. You both did such a wonderful job. I love the how you captured the emotion, personality, spirit and color of the day with your observant and sensitive eyes, unusual and beautiful sense of composition, color and light. I loved having both you and leisl shooting as well – you each have a unique style that complements the other’s.

I have sent the link to my friends and family and they are ALL so enthusiastic, saying they’ve never seen better wedding photos! It will be so hard to decide which ones to enlarge and get framed.

My new mother-in-law was so happy at how “handsome and happy” her son looked – she too has a hard time getting him to look like himself in photos – due to the whole eyebrow raising phenomenon that I mentioned in a previous email.

I feel like I can relive the day over and over again thanks to your wonderful photos. I’m so glad you are in this business and I’ll recommend you to anyone! Thank you! Thank you! thank you! - Anita
"WE LOVE the few photo's we've seen so far and CAN NOT wait to see the rest!! We just got back from Hawaii but as soon as we got there, the Tuesday after the wedding, we stood in line at the hotel to use a computer and check them out! It's the first thing anyone asks us when we call to say we are home, "have you seen Neil's website yet? It's UNBELIEVABLE!!" THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Neil was our favorite part of the wedding, he was so great!!  I knew he would be as I've been looking at your web site for EVER and I still can't believe that it's my wedding on the screen now!!  SUCH beautiful photo's!! We wish we weren't the last of our friends to get married, I'm sure everyone would've hired you guys!! It's going to be hard not to plaster the house with our WONDERFUL wedding photos!! People are still calling us and raving over Neil's work! THANK YOU AGAIN!! It's so easy to relive the day looking through the photo's!" - Melissa
"The pictures are AMAZING! I thought that they were great on the website, but in person, it is more than i could have imagined. You both made this day so special, and we feel like we are back at our wedding when we flip through our picture album. Your pictures make the walk down memory lane so much sweeter! Thank you for everything! - Sarah
"...awesome!! You guys are truly exceptionial!! have my wife and I in tears again!!" Matt (father of the bride)
"Hey you're already a Jedi master." - Huy Nguyen (photography mentor)
"We just viewed our photos today, and we are completely amazed. You are both so talented and just a wonderful couple. We are so glad you captured our special day. Very Fondly, Chris & Amy
"We can't express enough how happy we are with your work -- not only with the images, but also with your professionalism on the wedding day. Several of our guests, including four professional photographers, noticed your professional deportment and shooting technique, making comments such as "those guys were real pro's" and "they really had their act together." Everyone who has seen the proofs is just stunned with the quality and creativity -- our married friends (who did not have you as their wedding photographer) are downright jealous." - Anjan
"Well, we are back from the honeymoon and I must say the only reason we were exited to come home is because we know we have some awesome pictures awaiting us! We absolutely loved having you both share in our day. You two are a ton of fun to be around, and have a way of making people feel comfortable. We truly enjoyed your presence!" "You guys are getting endless compliments on your photos. I've even heard " world class" thrown around once or twice! My dad was especially skeptical before the wedding because he had his best friend take his wedding photos and didn't see the reason for a professional photographer. Now he's your biggest fan and has said time and time again how well worth it you were." - Bridget & Michael
"The photos are absolutely amazing — more than we had ever hoped for." - Sarah
"Aaron and I are VERY happy with our engagement pictures. I look at them frequently becuase they remind me of how happy and comfortable we are together. We are confident that we have chosen the perfect photographer!"
"And once again, thank you for your indredible work. They are stunning. My family who couldn't make it went online to look at the pictures, and they cried at how beautiful you are. So thank you so much. We will recommend you to EVERYONE!!" - The Shipmans
“We really enjoyed you guys! I can not tell you how many people approached us and told us how great the photographers were. People were really comfortable with you. We absolutely love the photos... Thank you so much.” - Mika
"Of course the whole family is in love with the picture of little Tommy reading Alice in Wonderland in the church pew. There are many more - and the reason is that for many [of the photos] the expression on people's faces were genuine. Like in the case of my oldest sister - so characteristic of her personality. (oh, that reminds me, the sequence of pictures of her walking down the isle are awesome!). The pictures truely tell the story of the day - they remind me so well of how the whole day went...which I am really thankful for because the whole thing happened so fast." - Carissa
Greetings! I'm sure, by your photos and your awards, you've heard this a million times, but I want you to hear it for the millioneth and one time: You are an amazing, passionate artist of creativity! I am a new professional photographer and coincidently, an English/Journalism student. I've always been intrested in photojournalism much more than straight-forward photos. In fact, the thought of posed photos literally almost make me gag! I stumbled upon your site and I cannot stop looking at your portfolio - I just keep thinking, "I'll look at one more then I'll stop!" I just finished looking at Carrie & Eric's wedding from Oct, 2004. I literally have tears running down my face and I have no idea who these people are. Their album brought not only nostalgia of my wedding day, but also my ultimate goal as a photographer into focus. You will definately be an inspiring mentor of sorts from here on out. Much success to you for always and thank you for sharing your world with the rest of us.


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