Wedding Photojournalism


Approaches the wedding with an

interest in real moments.

An Artist


The artist helps facilitate more authentic experiences, to plant seeds for the photojournalist to grow into a richer tapestry of photo story from your wedding.  Writing memories and giving blessings between your family members makes an ritual, or event out of the emotions and rites of passage that are a wedding celebration.  Our postmodern culture washes meaningful ceremony from our lives for consumerism, and the artist’s nature guides us back to creating rich and soulful meaning from our experience.  The artist will guide you in adding small ceremonial additions to your day, and then collecting the hand-written notes to include in the album, as well as documenting the real moments shared.  The artist instigates rich moments so that he can document them with the camera.

A Journalist


The journalist neither wishes to over romanticize, nor overtly control or manipulate any of the day’s activities.  The storyteller seeks to apply keen observation to bring out expressions, actions, confluences, and juxtapositions that come together to even create a story between the photos.  A photojournalist employs his keen eye to capture your mother’s personality in reactionary moments, and her attentiveness in care giving – rather than looking at the camera for ‘a picture with my mom’.

You don’t need to know any of that – you just need to trust Neil.  Hire him to photograph your day, and trust his 20 years of experience in facilitating great moments as well as capturing them.

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