Wedding Video Services in multiple packages

I am available to photograph weddings in

Wedding video capture by an authentic director who has created over 250 full length broadcast TV shows.  The wedding day service includes high quality audio recording that is not demonstrated here in this short clip of a quick to deliver highlight reel. As you hire me to shoot your wedding video this clip showcases what you might receive a couple days after your wedding.  Speedy delivery of a highlight reel showcases how I am able to shoot and remember many of the highlight moments.

Wedding Video Editing Service

The basic wedding video package only includes capture of your wedding day and delivery of the SD cards for your archival and use.

And while the wedding day is highly stressful, active, and emotional – the wedding editing process is long, tedious and demanding.  Every second you’ve recorded, then has to be played back and be trimmed, sorted into a logical and artistic progression.  If you’re wondering why the wedding video is so expensive, it’s because for every second you record, you’re going to have to spend 4-6 seconds in managing it as data, 4-6 seconds watching and sorting it and 4-6 seconds making the magic of the final edit happen.  So if I shoot for 8 hours, I should budget for 16 hours of work just to get a highlight reel like this.

You can see a different edit of the same wedding day – set to the music of the bride’s choice here: